For those who live and those who visit, a terrace of healing

〜 Bringing you the warmth and heart-to-heart connections of the southern islands 〜

Welcome to 'Sato', located in the beautiful Sashiki of Nanjo City.

Surrounded by nature, our store offers dishes made with Okinawan ingredients and handmade products.

Enjoy roasted sweet potatoes, services at our main store, and casual drinks at our Yuntaku Hall.

When you visit Nanjo City, please be sure to stop by our store.


Roasted Sweet Potato Stall

A superb roasted sweet potato shop using seasonal sweet potatoes.

At our shop, we use fresh sweet potatoes from Ibaraki Prefecture and slowly roast them in a handmade kiln. Our roasted sweet potatoes, made with seasonal sweet potatoes, boast a soft, sweet texture and have received high praise from many customers. When you visit Nanjo City, please be sure to enjoy our roasted sweet potatoes.


Main Store

Bringing the taste and life of the region to you.

At our main store, we offer coffee, shaved ice, zenzai (sweet red bean soup), along with fresh vegetables and chicken. We also have collaborative products with other stores, regional handmade goods, and a selection of houseplants. Enjoy a special time in a space where you can feel the charm of the region.


Yuntaku Hall

A place of interaction for you.

Enjoy casual drinks from noon, that's the charm of 'Yuntaku Hall'. This is a special spot for you, where travelers and locals can naturally interact. It's a part of the daily life of local people.

  • Christmas Whole Roasted Chicken, Now Accepting Reservations!
    Make this Christmas special with our gourmet treat!We are currently taking reservations for our signature roast chicken.This chicken, seasoned with a unique two-day sanbaizu marinade, will make your Christmas moments with family and friends even more memorable. Please make your reservations by phone by December 20th. We eagerly await your reservations!
  • Sweet Potato Sata Andagi by SUNRISE OCEAN
    The Sata Andagi we sell at our store are handcrafted with care at the local vocational support facility "SUNRISE OCEAN." This Sata Andagi is a special product born from the staff's passion and their contribution to the community. Each one is carefully crafted by their hands, holding value beyond just a snack. Made with local… Read more: Sweet Potato Sata Andagi by SUNRISE OCEAN
  • We're holding the 3rd Haisai Festival!
    On December 10th (Sunday), we're hosting the third Haisai Festival! There will be various booths, including massage, medaka scooping, plants, and more.We'll also have warm food and drinks. Please come and join us♪
  • We cheered for the Shōhashi Marathon!
    We cheered for the Shōhashi Marathon!Today, we started early at 4 am before dawn to support the Shōbashi Marathon.We carefully prepared handmade juicy onigiri, fried chicken, and sausages, one by one.With these delicious foods, we cheered on the runners with all our might. Great job to all the runners!
  • We held the 2nd Healing Haisai Festival!
    The 2nd Healing Haisai Festival was successfully concluded amidst great enthusiasm.Thank you to everyone who visited. We are also planning the 3rd festival.We look forward to seeing you next time!

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Our family of five visited your place at night. I was impressed with how efficiently everything was handled and the great attention to detail. Despite the typhoon, we had a wonderful time. We look forward to visiting again!

Mx.I I

The stylish terrace had unique, pitch-black Dracula shaved ice 🍇, which was delicious 🍧. There were also vegetables from local farmers for sale. Thank you for your kindness!


Friendly owner and children, excellent service and warm hospitality. The place is too close to Yuinchi Hotel for forging. Delicious snacks (especially the omnyu). Above all, it was a fun time thanks to the owner and the guests who were happy to interact with foreigners. It was a great way to spend the last day of our trip. If we visit Okinawa, I think we will stay at the Yuinchi Hotel again to visit this place. There were no places to eat late at night.


We discovered a wonderful sweet potato stall 💕. The sweet potatoes, carefully roasted using scrap wood, were incredibly delicious! Topped with Akahiro Gelato's
ice cream, the combination was exquisite and definitely worth trying!

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About 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport. Overlooking the calm sea, A healing area in Nanjo City.

Postal code: 901-1412, Sashiki 1997-2, Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture

Business hours (closed on Mondays):

Roasted Sweet Potato Stall: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM *However, sweet potatoes are available at the main store until 9:00 PM.

Yuntaku Hall, Main Store: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Last order at 8:30 PM)